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Spinal Decompression

Effective spinal disc decompression in Cincinnati, OH

Discover the power of space-age technology in spinal disc decompression available at Fick Chiropractic Centers in Cincinnati, OH. Astronauts accidentally discovered that weightlessness in space affects the spinal cord in positive ways. The back becomes decompressed, resulting in reduced spinal disc compression and reduction or elimination of back pain
At Fick Chiropractic Centers in Cincinnati, we are a Certified Ohio Worker's Compensation Provider with a chiropractic doctor on staff able to handle state-of-the-art spinal disc decompression therapy. Find out how your spinal discs benefit from this revolutionary technology by contacting us today for an initial consultation.
examples of good and bad spinal discs

Compression, Decompression, & Herniation:

Bad Disc Before | Good Disc After

Etiology of Herniation

When the annulus fibrous is weakened by radial tears, the intradiscal pressure of the nucleus pulposus causes it to bulge, leading to protrusion and herniation. Over time, compression weakens the annulus, creating tears, inflammation, and possible protrusion of the nucleus. The increase of intradiscal pressure sets the stage for annular compromise, allowing extrusion of the nucleus through the tears herniation and possible irritation of the nerve roots.
Negative intradiscal pressure created by 'decompressive' traction therapy facilitates nutrition and diffusion into the spinal disc, thus improving healing. In some cases, actual 'retraction' of the protruded material may take place. However, often an improved healing response reducing inflammation is the source of pain relief. 
Learn more about this innovative way to improve spine health by spinal disc decompression by visiting us today in Cincinnati.
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